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SvVK/v Internationellt LC Prov i Falköping
Domare: Jari Hietala, Finland & Mats Carlsson, Sverige
8+9 (18 anm.)

Plats Namn Poäng
1. FinCh Fin KVA-m Kirman Marusha 85,25 CERT CACIL CHAMPIONAT BIF
2. S & N UCh Al-Shên Abla Bint Qasida 80,25 R-CACIL
3. Int NordUCh DkKLBCh SLCCh KbhV-99 Volante's Zimyah 80  
4. Nord UCh Baklava's Rawa Ramaq 77,5 CERT CACIL
5. Volante's Astarte 77,25  
6. Baklava's Raih Raqqas 77 R-CACIL
7. Dhawati Izaz Amal 76,25
8. S UCh Baklava's Rifa Tamannin 75,5
9. Fin BCh-t Wallaby's Ram-es Ronya 75,25
10. Int NordUCh KBHV-98 Baklava's Parvane-Padid 74,25
11. INordUCh KBHV-00 Volante's Zola 74
12. Khalil's Halim 70,5
13. S NUCh NV-00 Hisilome's Celine 67,75
14. Phrontpage News 67,25

FinCh Fin KVA-m Kirman Marusha  Foto: C Almqvist