Saluki breed conference Monday June 26th

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Illustrated Saluki breed standard 
The Saluki or Gazelle Hound Club 100 years 2023
- Mary Parker

Understanding the Saluki standard from an historical and functional viewpoint
What do we need to understand about racing/coursing when breeding 
to the Saluki standard? 
- Wendy Duggan

A breeder’s experience since 1977 
Which puppy will become a champion?
Development of personality and anatomical structure 
Which influence does a breeder have?
- Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben


Registration from 0900

0930 Conference starts


1230-1330 Lunch


1500 “Fika” coffee/tea and workshop

1630-1700 Presentation workshop and conclusion

Registration fee

Registration fee 370 SEK including conference material, lunch and coffee/tea with fruit/cookie. 

470 SEK booking after June 1st (in case of remaining tickets)
No dogs allowed in the conference room/building.


Art Exhibition

There will be a Saluki Art Exhibition in the conference room. We welcome artists that will contribute to show (both sold items and for sale) with their work. Please fill in the form below.