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Saluki European Congress - “Presenting and preserve the dual-purpose Saluki”

The main aims/themes of the congress are the following: To bring together Saluki fanciers from all over Europe (breeders, owners, judges) to exchange knowledge and experience. To expand knowledge of the breed standard, breed’s history, development, and function. To spread knowledge about the dual-purpose Saluki. The week will included the Saluki in the showring as well at the field competing in The World Coursing Championships.


Coming soon...nice items to buy with the beautiful unique Salukis designed by Marielle Turesson.


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Coordinates: 55.98395953121498, 14.151585415646313

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Vaccination info

Participating foreign dogs must be brought into Sweden in accordance with Swedish import requirements for dogs in relation to rabies vaccinations.
Participating dogs and other dogs that are allowed to enter the venue must be vaccinated against distemper as follows:
• Dogs under the age of one (1) year: at the age of at least ten (10) weeks.
• Dogs over the age of one (1) year: the dog must be vaccinated at the age of at least ten (10) months, and not more than four (4) years ago.
• First-time vaccination must be carried out at least fourteen (14) days before the day of the trial, competition and/or show.
Checks may be carried out to ensure that the applicable import and vaccination requirements have been followed. In addition, SKK recommend that participating dogs are vaccinated against parvovirus infection and parainfluenza (kennel cough). Please visit the Swedish Board of Agriculture to read the requirements to bring a dog to Sweden.

Covid info

Please read the covid information from the Swedish Health Agency.

Camping at "Saluki Camp"

We will have a separate place for all camping called "Saluki Camp", this will be close to the breed conference and showground and not the same place as the camping during WCC for the national teams. Campers at the "Saluki Camp area" have access to the area between Sunday June 25 12.00 CET to Monday July 3. The camping fee is 495 SEK, no matter how many days you need. There is no electricity available. Use the form below to book your space.

Parking for the day

We will have a separate parking area for all that are not campers.

Other accomodation

For hotels and other accomodations:
Closest city is Kristianstad.