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Presentation of the judges

Mary Sanders Parker, Classicus Salukis, United Kingdom (England)

Your own breed
Saluki and my other breed is Whippet.

My breeds for judging
Salukis, Afghan Hounds, Greyhound, Whippet, Beagle, Basset Hound, PBGV, BGV, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sloughi Dachshund all varieties and Borzoi.

My first judging
I first awarded CCs in the UK in 1994 and have judged multiple times since then.

Special memorable shows you have judged?
All the shows I have judged, in many different countries, have been exceptional and given me amazing memories. I am thrilled to be judging at the SCOA speciality in June 2022, a life long dream come true. I judged salukis at Crufts in 2016, it was such an honour to judge at the highest level in my own country and was an experience I shall treasure for the rest of my life.
It is fair to say Salukis are my passion and I am very much looking forward to judging at the European Saluki Congress!

mary parker 3

Dagmar Hintzenberg-Freisleben, Sawahin Salukis, Germany

Your own breed

Saluki. Number of years in Salukis will be 50 years in 2023. Breeding a totally of champions 80 show champions including 10 Smooths, 10 coursing champion, 10 champions for beauty and performance. 11 Germany's #1 (Shows), 5 Germany's # 1 (Coursings). My most successful Saluki CH Dakira Sawahin was EUKANUBA World Challenge Champion 2008, Long Beach, California, USA, and represented Germany already in 2007 at this event. She has 55 titles including 2 WorldWinner titles and 28 BIS wins. She became 16 years old.
I passed the exam "Begleithundprüfung" (obedience) with 5 of my Salukis and took part at official agility competitions with 1 of my Salukis. I also attended mantrailing classes with 2 of my Salukis.

My breeds for judging

FCI judge for Salukis, Sloughis, Azawakhs, additionally Silken Windsprite and Taigans since 2015.

My first judging
FCI judge for since 1989.

Special memorable shows you have judged?

Number of years judging including Saluki specialties. I have been honoured to judge many Saluki Specialties in almost all European countries, USA, Australia, and Moskow.

My judging philosophy

Judging Salukis means to me to be open-minded to the many different types of Salukis. It is important to preserve them for a wide genetic diversity.

I feel honoured to be part of the team of judges at your event at Kristianstad 2023 in combination with the Saluki European Congress. Looking forward so much to this event.
Portrait of me and my only Saluki right now. Photographer: Konstanze Hinz

DagmarRhyana Sawahin 8weeksPortrait of me and my only Saluki right now. Photographer: Konstanze Hinz

Wendy Duggan, Kyzyl Kum Salukis, USA

Your own breed 

Saluki. I got my first Saluki in 1974. In limited breeding we have finished almost 40 conformation champions, and various lure and open field coursing titles. We bred the very first Smooth to win our National Specialty (in an entry of close to 500 dogs), Ch Kyzyl Kum Phaedra, who was also a remarkable open field courser.

My breeds for judging


My first judging

I have been judging since 2007, and have judged primarily at specialty shows, in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Michigan, New York, Florida and Montreal, Canada.
Special memorable shows you have judged?
All of them are memorable, but I probably enjoyed Washington the most as I had some very memorable dogs show that day, and Montreal as it was my first assignment outside the US.

 I have received the invitation and I am very excited to come!

wendy 2