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Saluki magazine

Last dates for material

Nr 1 – PM-nummer
PLEASE NOTE: no ads in issue 1! This issue consists of PM:s for our upcoming shows and is delivered together with issue 2.

Nr 2 – Spring Issue
Deadline February 1

Nr 3 – Summer Issue
Deadline June 1

Nr 4 – Holiday Issue
Deadline October 15

Ad prices

Full page 400 SEK
Half page 200 SEK
Spread 700 SEK
Cover inside 600 SEK
Back cover 800 SEK
For breeders: 3 following numbers, 4 full pages, for example 1 puppy ad, 1 christmas ad and 1 spread.

Non members +50%
Commercial ads +100%

SWIFT/IBAN SE22 9500 0099 6034 0110 0916
Name Svenska Salukiringen.

Ad instructions

If you design your ad in Photoshop (or similar program) please make sure that the ad is in the right size and resolution (300 ppi). Do not change the resolution afterwards!
Full page 216×303 mm (margin 18 mm all sides, keep the text within this margin!)
Half page 210×148,5 mm
(margin 15 mm right/left, 10 mm top/bottom)
Quarter page 90×133,5 mm
Back cover 210×245 mm(margin 15 mm bottom/right/left, 5 mm top)
For bleeds, please add additional 3 mm around.
You need to send us an ad wich is ready to print.

Adress for material: salukibladet [at]

When you are paying, please pay to Plusgirot.
SWIFT/IBAN SE22 9500 0099 6034 0110 0916
Name Svenska Salukiringen.

You have to send a ready ad before the last date.
Only minor changes can be done by the staff. If you need any help with making an ad, you can contact:
Malin Wengdahl
Viktoria Guwallius
Marie Palmqvist
Maja Erwinsdotter

Språk / language